Carpet Whipping & Taping

Our specialist in-house carpet whipping & taping workshop is located right here in Edinburgh, allowing us to deliver the highest quality finish that will truly enhance your carpeting.

Carpet Whipping & Taping

Whether it’s for stairs, runners or rugs, carpet whipping and taping add a stunning finish to your floors, from Georgian townhouses to modern builds. At Style Flooring, our in-house, highly skilled craftsmen ensure that your carpet receives a flawless finish, meticulously crafted and fitted to your exact specifications.

What’s all the fuss about whipping & taping?

While there is nothing new about the age-old skills of overlocking, it’s great to witness a resurgence in the popularity of traditional carpeting methods.

Carpet Whipping

Carpet whipping involves weaving or overlocking woollen yarn into the carpet, providing a distinctive and stylish edging while protecting it from fraying.

Using only the finest quality woollen yarn, we can match the color of your carpet or select a colour or shade that will beautifully complement your room.

Cotton Taping

Classic cotton binding tape creates a modern, stylish border to any rug or runner, finishing off your carpet perfectly. Cotton tapes have a matt finish and many of the available colours are both vibrant and bold.

Unlike whipping, cotton tape doesn’t increase the width of your rug or runner. It is neatly folded over the edge of the carpet and skilfully hand-stitched into place. Typically, a 5.5cm (2 inch) width is visible on the top surface of your carpet, but we can adjust this to suit your preferences, making it wider or narrower as needed.

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Overlocking for fitters

We can offer your business the option of having your stair runners and bespoke handmade rugs made locally for a competitive price, without having to outsource them from afar. Unlike other companies, we use a blind stitch method on our edging so no unsightly top stitch marks are visible.

Style Flooring can make any rug to any size and all corners are hand stitched by our in-house team who work exclusively on this side of our business.

We have several styles and colours of tape and can provide you sampling for your shop floor.

All you need to do is have the carpets cut and delivered to us and collect them when they are finished, we can offer a courier service at an extra cost if required.

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Trade desk for fitters

Behind the scenes at our Edinburgh workshop

We take great pride in our heritage at Style Flooring, and our carpet whipping & taping service holds a special place in our business, representing our deep appreciation for the trade’s rich history.

Our master craftsmen are dedicated to preserving and continuing the skills that have been passed down through generations. We believe in the importance of nurturing these skills and ensuring that they are carried forward to future generations, ensuring the longevity of this cherished tradition.

For our discerning customers, they are able to enjoy these beautiful finishes in their homes and places of work.

With our extensive experience in carpeting and flooring, over several decades, we are delighted to provide advice for the best solution tailored to your specific carpeting needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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